In today's changing IT environment, we see more corporates exposed to the risk of fraud, due to legacy controls and manual processes. With many companies applying a new 'working from home' strategy, the risk of fraud is bigger than ever before.

During this webinar we will hear:

  • How does a payment hub support you in mitigating fraud?
  • What is rules based fraud detection?
  • Why is machine learning an important part of our fraud detection?
  • How does fraud detection fit in your overall payment processes?

Paul Simpson, Strategic Payments Director at Kyriba, together with Value Engineer, Alroy D'Cruz, will discuss these most important questions and will give you an insight on how Kyriba is supporting over 2,300 of your peers worldwide with our SaaS Payment Fraud solutions.



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Paul Simpson

Strategic Payments Director, Kyriba

Alroy D'Cruz

Value Engineer, Kyriba